Believe me, with this tambourine,
you will become the life of the party. It's true!
Turn the volume to the max And do not ever play it on silent mode.
Why? Cuz it?s just not cool.

All right, here we go. Let's play the tambourine!

But please remember two simple things.
Don't pound it too hard, or the screen might break.
Don't shake it too wildly, or it may slip and fly away.
These are the rules, between you and I.

???????????????iPod touch/iPhone??????????
?????????????Let's play tambourine!
????????????????????iPod touch/iPhone??????????????

Performance method
-Tap the drumhead, and it will make a pleasant drumming sound.
-Tap the single zil button, and it will make a tinkling sound.
-Touch the double zils button, and it will make a jingle sound until you let go.
-Shake the iPod touch/iPhone body, and hear the sweet sound of zils.
Do all the above, and enjoy playing to the rhythm.
Groove to your favorite music!

Demonstration sound
-Tap the note button to play a demonstration sound.