?Tokyo Cutie Girls Puzzle - Yumi -?
This is the second puzzle photo collection in the series following the Pyramid Solitaire ? Japanese Beauty Yumi ?
Yumi Sugimoto, who played in the TV drama "Go-onger" (TV asahi), comes back to the iPhone/iPod touch. Don't miss her beauty!
Complete the puzzle to get her sexy pictures. ?

Satisfy the conditions to complete the slide puzzle and you will get precious pictures that you can only get here!
High quality images full of her attractiveness now on your iPhone... This is literally a palm-sized photo collection. ?

If you get all the puzzle pictures, you will... Oops! This is a surprise you will only get when you complete all the puzzles. ?
You may get a rare movie that you can only get here...

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? Yumi Sugimoto's profile

Born on April 1st 1989, Osaka, Japan. Body size: T167/B82/W58/H85

She has worked as a model since junior high school for popular fashion magazines.
She did the cover of several men's magazines and won over the men's hearts.
She played the role of Go-on Silver as the heroine in the TV drama "Go-onger" (TV asahi) in 2008.
She is a flourishing actress playing in dramas and musicals.

Yumi Sugimoto website : http://www.sugimotoyumi.com



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Yumi Sugimoto website : http://www.sugimotoyumi.com
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